International news and politics are a stage

so sick of hearing about how important gay marriage and legalizing marijuana are. Obviously these things should have happened a long time ago, but none of this shit matters. Boston marathon bombing—tragedy, sure. Increasingly huge prison populations—I agree, it’s a shame and it’s a disaster. International bankers financially enslaving the world’s peoples? I sure hate that too.

How are we supposed to find the HUMANITY in humans when we are still ignoring the amount of devastation we subject our planet to? The earth won’t last another generation of humans living like this. We’re so caught up in materialism and our everyday lives and our “careers” that we can’t see the transient nature of the universe. Everything is fleeting. There’s going to be a serious drop in human population when the planet’s ecosystem bears the changes our pollution is forcing. All of our huge personal problems and ambitions won’t matter than, they will fade to dust, just as the collapsing stars that created us did billions of years ago.

If we think there’s a single cause more important than environmental sustainability, we’re disastrously mistaken. I’m not saying these other causes aren’t important…it pains me more than many can imagine thinking about the global rape of women and how much exploitation there is. I am a womanist, after all.

But the fact is if you’re not focused on the environment, then you’re focused on lesser issues that will be meaningless when our biosphere transforms to one that can’t support humans.

Oh, and by the way, if you consider yourself an environmentalist and you aren’t a vegan, then you’re lying to yourself. The biggest change you can make for the environment, as one person, is to stop supporting animal farming.

You CANNOT be an environmentalist and a meat eater. Break the meat addiction and free your mind while living a life of compassion and caring.

Is immediate action versus global warming a human necessity?

I read this article from Rolling Stone, and as somebody who has for many years followed climate change, I’m a bit distressed. [1] Rolling Stone-“Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math”

We can’t keep waiting for a god, politician, or hero to save us. We must save ourselves. But do we have to leave part of society behind us? What can we even do? We can’t continue pretending that electing Obama or Romney will change the inaction of our government. This transcends politics. We are the power here—we enact every command and policy, whether it be through our corporate job or our government employer. Let’s go to work for planet Earth. I also stumbled upon [2] this article from Do we all need to take drastic action like this immediately? Perhaps gradually, on a strict time frame? Is it our responsibility to each other, as self-empowering and aware individuals, to do our part immediately? I almost feel morally required to drop out of college, cut off my personal ambitions, and act. I can never achieve my dreams if my planet is uninhabitable, anyway.

I think we need to break away from society completely and show our fellow humans how we can make a difference and take control of our fate. No more worrying about cops and the court system arresting you for living in a tiny house or a tent in a park. Who cares that we’re growing fully organic gardens in public space? Is it so bad that I’m not paying my taxes because I quit my job to live sustainably off of our planet in front of downtown for everybody to see?

Just as I went vegan to do my part to stop animal cruelty, environmental destruction, and health degradation to my body, I feel that I must act now and make a serious life change.

There is no time other than right now. We can’t talk any longer about what we’re going to do in the future. The future we’re talking about doesn’t exist—the only time we have it right fucking now. So let’s act.

Or am I just another over-reacting radical?

One of the most eloquently argued explanations of meat eating—what Dr. Joy calls an “invisible belief system”.  I am impressed, Dr. Joy.  Well said.