Additional literature that may help lead you to enlightenment

Did you know that FEMA camps have stockpiled literally hundreds of thousands of plastic coffins? Did you know there are *pictures* of it?
Google it. Scratch that, duckduckgo it, because google’s privacy policy complies with authorities and compromises your privacy.

Do you see the occupy movement peacefully protesting against government corruption, and being beaten by the police force (those who protect and serve) almost daily at this point?

It’s not in the news, but it’s all over twitter and the internet. Photos, videos, blogs, everywhere.

Stop waiting for a god to come save you. It isn’t going to happen. Stop thinking that we can elect politicians who will fix all our problems. They are directly intertwined with the global economic and political elite, and they are why our water is poisoned, our food is poisoned, our land is poisoned, our pharmaceutical medicine is poison, why we fight wars that the people disapprove of with a majority, why we lock up non-violent drug offenders in FOR PROFIT privately owned prisons…the list of crimes against humanity and general atrocities is overwhelmingly huge.

Stop waiting for somebody to save your sorry ass and get directly involved TODAY. We are the only ones who have control over our future, to deny this most basic understanding of cause and effect is to be truly sheeple.

Start your own garden. Identify some of the global problems we have. Look for solutions and deny oppression, injustice, and exploitation anywhere you can ferret it out. Open your eyes to the distractions and propaganda that are omnipresent on tv. Understand the illusion of materialism. All the pleasures in your life are feelings! You can, with sufficient self exploration and awareness, begin to reunite with the unity you have with the entire cosmos. We are quite literally star children. Your ego is an illusion. When you TRULY realize this (no words can bring you to these truths…you must discover them yourself. I can only nudge you in the direction), you will be overwhelmed with a never-ending underlying framing of appreciation, happiness, awe, and humility at life. This paradigm shift will show you that you don’t need anything but your own state of mind to have pleasurable feelings—and your shackles that imprison you to the material world will disintegrate. If you can achieve this level of consciousness, you will begin to experience the fourth dimension, and realize that the spiritual entity you truly are is no longer bound to your human body…then you can quite literally SEE the infinitely connected web of being that is known as collective consciousness. I am you are him is her is the animal is the plant.

Visionary artist Alex Grey not only sees the reality of collective consciousness, but can help explain it using art. I am unfortunately limited to the realm of language, where I must cantankerously struggle to avoid ambiguity and attempt to trigger thoughts in you using symbols that are entirely up to your interpretation.

Some musicians are able to portray the true reality of our existence as well. Sound Tribe Sector 9, in this song, tap into this divine and cosmic knowledge in their music. Words are incapable of divulging to you how this connects us beyond the fourth dimension…just give it a listen

Psy-trance group Shpongle is more explicitly attempting to unite us through vibrations. Here is a stronger example.

The things I’m talking about probably seem unreal or simply farcical to you. I used to think the same thing. There’s a reason these ideas have transcended time and stuck with us despite the over-stimulated rational and male portion of our brains telling us it’s ridiculous…artists have given us clues to unraveling the cosmos throughout history…writers have tried to explain it…spiritual leaders, such as Gandhi and the Dalai Lama dedicated their lives to spreading the message.