Are you awake and conscious right now? Are you aware of the fundamental assumptions you might be making and what their logical conclusions entail?

Many spiritual scholars, shamans, gurus, and students have come to understand that virtually all of our problems [climate change, war, child abuse, sexual abuse, theft, enslavement, etc] as a society boil down to deep unconsciousness. What I mean by unconsciousness is simply denial of the present moment. Similar to somebody who has been knocked out, one who is unconscious is not feeling their breathing; they are not observing their senses—they are not seeing the birds and trees and fellow humans that walk by them; they do not hear the breeze or the sounds of a lively urban environment; and they do not even feel their feet hitting the pavement. Unconsciousness of this kind if a severe numbing of the senses. The most common ways one goes unconscious is through their past or their future. One might lock themselves in their mind and remember a time in their life where they labeled themselves as weak, or stupid, or fat, or greedy, anything that brings them shame. They might look into their future and think about how if they could just accomplish these goals or acquire these things, their suffering would end and *finally* they could begin enjoying their life and become content. No longer is a person in this state of mind conscious and alive; they are emotional and lost. They find identity in their life through their past, and project it into their future. They continue doing the same things that create their discontent, label themselves as “flawed” and perpetuate their own cycle of unhappiness. If you prefer a different outcome or trait or hobby or circumstance in your life, then visualize where you want to be and begin taking actions towards that goal. Now let’s look at what you might see as “obstacles” to your happiness and alignment with your highest possible self. Is there a really annoying person in your life that you’ve labeled as an “enemy” that you think about all the time? They can only bother you if you allow them to. When they do whatever it is that you dislike so much, or attack you with words, they’re simply projecting to you their world view: you’re a piece of shit, and we don’t get along. But the ONLY way that you can reciprocate that negativity and get angry is to accept their proposed premises of your life. You must literally project back to them the same energy. Now you two have come to a conclusion, and your “life story” is in place. But labels are never suited for your life. When you start to say “I am…” it must simply cease there. YOU ARE. That is correct—if you are alive, then you ARE. Period. What happens next is entirely up to you. Take responsibility for your life. When you have no enemies, no scape goats, nobody to blame, you reclaim your power. We are all capable of incredible transformation at any time, and we are all infinitely powerful. We quite literally ARE the universe. To be alive and conscious is to be one with the flow of everything. When you’ve tapped into this universal energy, you begin to vibrate closer and closer to your highest self.

Now let’s take a look at assumptions you might be making about life. I’ll cover some very common ones and talk about what happens when you base your life on these thoughts and labels. The problem with labeling something as “good” or “bad” is that it can never break that title TO YOU. You impose your will upon this object or being or action or state of affairs and it can never be anything else until you allow it to. To call somebody “your enemy” or “evil” is to rob them of their freedom as a living being and to enslave them into your label. Think back to a time where somebody has an opinion about you that you know is not true, and no matter what you do you can’t seem to change their mind. It’s no different when you do it to others—what you think becomes what you see, and these quickly turn into how you act, and the cycle perpetuates itself. Think about those you might know who say “just my luck” or “of COURSE this would happen to me, just like always.” These thoughts perpetuate themselves. How could anything else happen when you are labeling events like this? Take, for example, just barely missing a bus. You might yell “FUCK” and be really pissed, and then think or even say out loud “as usual, the world’s trying to shit on me. I’m such a helpless victim. Everything is so awful.” Now you’re stuck in the past and your thoughts are manifesting themselves into your reality. No longer is your life titled as “I am”, full of potential and beauty—it’s now “I’m ANGRY” or I’m FUCKED” or “I’m a VICTIM”. You’ve taken away your own power and you’re stuck int he past. You will begin missing everything that’s happening right in front of you. Supposed instead of being angry that you missed your bus, you simply said “oh well” and started walking 5-6 blocks forwards to catch the next bus at a further ahead stop. What can happen in that time when you have an open mind and are centered within yourself? You might meet a new lover; you could see some beautiful birds you might have missed, etc. ANYTHING could happen. When you see something as “bad luck” it can never be good luck, and you’ve shut down any opportunities that might happen from this original “bad” experience, as you saw it.

These assumptions permeate your life, when left to the sub- and un-conscious, and they take away your potential. Think about one of the most pervasive assumptions in American society, particularly Christianity: humans are born sinners; we have ORIGINAL sin, we are born FLAWED, and there is no redemption in life. Life, in fact, isn’t important. It’s shitty and full of evil—that’s why we pray and squeak by until we can have paradise, where nothing goes wrong: heaven. This, of course, cannot exist on this shitty planet we call Earth. Things here are flawed and evil; perfection exists only in heaven. It is now definitionally IMPOSSIBLE to have goodness on Earth. It’s all in heaven. The assumption that “human nature is bad”, “we are original sinners”, etc. creates the REALITY of hell on Earth. Of course there’s so much war, poverty, murder, rape, and of COURSE we’re killing our planet. What else can we do? We’re merely flawed humans. We are slaves to our worthlessness and the best we can do is hope to god that he [god, being the perfect being, is a white male] will pity us and save our soul after death. The capacity to do evil is now present, and in fact you will always justify it somehow. When you commit sexual abuse, or violence, you are unconscious. You are living in the labels in your mind about the imperfections in the world. How else could you do such travesty to other living beings? How could you consciously kill something? Murder is a “crime of passion”. It is not done by people who are conscious; they are blinded by rage. How could you EVER deal with the screams of agony of a dying chicken before you eat it if you were there, fully present, smelling the blood, really feeling the screams, and watching it squirm as you decapitate it? I don’t think that anybody ever could. You simply cannot be fully present and exploit.

Here’s another classic example. “Of course we need government—without laws we would all kill each other and take everything. We cannot have a society without rulers.” The assumptions behind this assertion can be many: (1) Humans are fundamentally evil and need punishments and fear to stop them from doing committing atrocities to each other. (2) Not ALL humans are evil, some humans are great, we’ll call them “politicians.” Politicians know right and wrong and can protect us from ourselves. They’re not normal humans [under the same “humans are evil” assumptions]. There might be more assumptions here, but these two are the important ones for the scope of what I’m trying to illustrate. Think about what you’re claiming when you say we need government. Would you REALLY go on a killing spree and take out all those people you don’t like if it were legal and you didn’t face punishment? Do you think you would begin raping all those hot girls/guys you see on the streets if it became legal? Which brings up another good point: although it’s easy to blame politics for our collective problems, they are not your enemies. The abusers of power are merely doing what we are telling them to do. These positions would not exist if we did not find them necessary. Realize the absurdity of government: “we’re going to give the government a monopoly on force and kidnapping. Only the government can legally kidnap and imprison people, torture them, and kill them.” Why are they allowed to murder and rape and torture and steal? “To stop us from murdering and raping and tor….wut”

Try to really flush out your fundamental assumptions of “human nature”, yourself, the world, etc. See how you act out these thoughts and labels and make them a reality. Now do you see your power? We’re all capable of immense beauty, art, and creation. We’re literally creation machines. We create constantly, through thought, action, and language. It’s all we’re able to do. Are you content with what you’re creating?